Blood Banks in Dhaka

Where:Dhaka Medical College Branch
Contact: 9668690,861674

Where:Dhaka Dental College Branch
Contact: 9011887

Where:Bangladesh Medical College Unit (BMC)
Contact: Phone No: 9124619, 9118202 Ext. - 430. Cell No: 0152-371531,0152-423441

Retina Blood Bank
Where:2 \KA \ 5, Nowab Habibullah Road, Shahbag, Dhaka (Behind PG Hospital)
Price: As it is under a foundation, general people are getting blood at a very cheap rate, only taka 450/ with exchange & taka 700/ without exchange.
Contact: 01614-606411, 02-9663853

Red Crescent Blood Bank
Contact: 9116563, 8121497

Shandhani International Eye Bank
Contact: 9124353,01190151480

Sir Salimullah College Blood Bank
Contact: 7319123

Islami Bank Hospital Blood Bank
Contact: 8317090,8321495

Quantum Foundation
Contact: 9351969,8322987,9341441,8319377

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